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  • Update your device to /e/OS v0.14
  • Our user interface is getting a new look
  • What does data privacy mean for you

Update your device to /e/OS v0.14

This update includes the latest user interface improvements for phones on Pie and Q. It also addresses some software updates to MicroG and Magic EarthV0.14 as well as bugfixes and security patches.

Don’t forget to update your device! Read the release notes below for more details.

Our user interface is getting a new look !

In order to continue improving the overall experience on /e/OS, we believe it’s important to have a consistent visual identity.

Read all about our ongoing work on simplifying, streamlining the OS experience as much as possible and the improvements that are coming in our latest update!

What does data privacy mean for you?

If you are reading this newsletter, data privacy is probably a topic you are familiar with. But today is Data Privacy Day, and it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness on this issue beyond those who already realize its importance.

As we’ve seen with the recent backlash around Whatsapp, a shift in public opinion is happening around how personal data should be handled. We’ve published a blog article on the subject today, so why not share it with a friend or family member?

In case you missed it in our social media, you can find it here!

Support the project!

User’s data privacy and finding alternatives to regain control over our data has never been a more pressing issue than it is today. The timing is great to build something new!

Your contribution is key to the success of an ambitious project like ours!

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