Why /e/OS?

Over the last ten years, mobile phone evolution has made them our daily companions, within reach at all times. But they have also quietly transformed into surveillance devices, sharing our personal data with the highest bidder or with government agencies to predict and influence our actions.

Research published by Digital Content Next in August 2018 revealed staggering facts about passive data collection…
Our mission: make technology that respects user privacy accessible to everyone. It is time to regain control over our personal data on our phones! We build mobile operating systems, apps and code that put users’ privacy first before profit. Everyone deserves to maintain their privacy intact, especially on their smartphone! /e/OS is a non-profit project, supported by an international core team of experienced entrepreneurs, developers and designers, and a vibrant growing community of contributors.

What is /e/OS?

We could have just focused on an OS, but apps and online services are critical components of a smartphone experience, too.

/e/OS is the leading pro-privacy operating system for smartphones. It consists of a fully deGoogled mobile operating system (OS) and carefully selected applications, together forming a privacy-enabled internal environment for mobile phones.

Combined with online services, such as a search engine, email, storage and other online tools, it creates a unique environment privacy-in privacy-out.

/e/OS has received academic recognition from researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Trinity College of Dublin.

For an in depth description of /e/OS, head to our documentation.

/e/OS is for everyone

“I’m just an ordinary person, I have nothing to hide”

You may have nothing to hide but that doesn’t mean you’re fine to have every single click or swipe on your smartphone being logged and sold to corporations making millions on your back.

“I’m dealing with sensitive information”

You might be working in specific fields like journalism, where your sources and contacts must remain private.

“I’m a business owner, and I care for data sovereignty”

Your business works in a highly competitive market, and you’re concerned about your innovations being at the mercy of tech giants accessing your smartphone and your business data.

/e/OS is different

Privacy is a fundamental right 

No one should have to trade off their privacy to use a smartphone. We should all be protected from electronic surveillance and data interception that benefit a limited number of corporations.
We believe in privacy by design – we don’t read or scan your data, we secure it at best.

A non-profit organisation, for the long run

We host the project assets in a foundation to maintain our independence and ensure the sustainability of our products and services for the long run.
The e Foundation will engage broadly around personal data issues and lobby regulators, participate in conferences and other events to educate the public.

Open Source for open development

Open Source has enabled huge evolutionary changes and allowed developers and the internet to grow without centralized gatekeepers. When spyware started to blossom inside internet browsers, open-source developers came along to solve this challenge. Now Open Source tackles the challenge of privacy on the smartphone.

Our Values

Privacy by Design

We don’t use your location unless you want us to, we don’t scan your documents or pictures to learn more about you. Your data is YOUR data!

Fueled by Open Source

We believe everyone can contribute to building better tech, respectful of the user’s personal data.
We keep our code public.

Learn Constantly

We welcome feedback on our products and services, challenging ourselves daily to maintain our vision and keep your data private.

Share Transparently

We believe privacy is a right. Everyone should know good practices around personal data and be kept up to date on new threats.

Focus on the User

We live and breathe technology, but we want our products and services to be simple to use on a daily basis.

Price fairly

We believe privacy enabling technologies should be available to all, not limited to a minority based on wealth.

The e Foundation

/e/OS is a non-profit project in the public interest. It needs an entirely independent structure to protect its assets and make them sustainable in the long run.

The e Foundation hosts core /e/OS assets: domain names, trademarks, intellectual rights, technical expertise.

We provide free and low-cost solutions that people and businesses use to keep their data private, ensuring minimal income to support our development. We also provide outreach and education to help anyone learn how to keep their personal data private on their phones and online.
As a non-profit, we welcome donations from individuals, corporates and governments.

Some /e/OS “sister companies” will have strong links with the e Foundation to develop business in specific related areas, and contribute to financing the e Foundation.

Our non-profit organization “e Foundation” was incorporated in May 2018.

e Foundation’s board is made of the following founding members:
– Gaël Duval, President
– Samuel Cazin, Secretary
– Frank Preel, Treasurer
– Rhandros Dembicky
– Thilo Schulzke
– Russell Todd
– Véronique Loquet
– Olivier Deckmyn
– Franck Lefevre
– Nicolas Silberzahn

The /e/OS Operational Team

Our team is made of passionate people from all over the world! Our team includes both employees, regular contributors and occasional contributors:
  • Gaël: project leader. Open Source pioneer (Mandrake Linux, Ulteo), software engineer, hacker in chief, serial entrepreneur, musician.
  • Alexis: VP Sales & Marketing. Global sales and marketing expert, customer focused, runner and hiker.
  • Samuel: Operational Marketing wizard. Marketeer, planner, entrepreneur, kite surfer. Need to get something done? Ask Sam.
  • Véronique: communication head. Information-security and open source expert, international relations master, entrepreneur.
  • Rhandros: designer, Interface and User Experience master.
  • Amit: software engineer. Android master!
  • Romain: software engineer. Release master, GitLab wizard.
  • Vincent: software engineer. Data synchronizer!
  • Thilo: software engineer. Infrastructure master.
  • Felix: software engineer.
  • Nihar: software developer
  • Manoj: community leader
  • Russell: content editor
  • Frank: software engineer
  • Jo: software enthusiast
  • Laurent: software engineer
  • Matthias: software engineer
  • Shenol: communication officer
  • Anand: software engineer
  • Akhil: software engineer
  • Nivesh: software enginner
  • Gomsi: community officer
  • Shawn: infrastructure engineer
  • Hüseyin S.: software developer
  • Daniel: web designer
  • Sreeram: token enthusiast
  • Renuka: software engineer
  • Atebal & his team: software engineers
  • Maik: software security engineer
  • Nathanaël: translator
  • Stypox: translator
  • Alkorismus: translator
  • Tomas: translator
  • Malu: translator
  • Raf: translator
  • Klaus: translator
  • Lukas: translator
  • Paolo: translator
  • Julien: translator
  • Victorien: translator
  • Rui: translator
  • Steffen: translator
  • Hüseyin: translator
  • And thousands of  /e/ supporters!