How /e/ began

In 2017, Gaël Duval, a long-term open-source supporter, realized that he was more and more using proprietary software- Apple and Android.

He felt trapped inside those Internet giants’ ecosystems – that use personal data to fuel their business models.

Gaël then started to look for alternatives and was pleased to find that many alternatives did actually exist – mobile phone operating systems and various web services such as personal data storage, search, and email. The issue he found was that they were very fragmented.

Then, in a series of articles entitled “Leaving Apple & Google: my /e/ odyssey” (one, two, three), he announced an initiative to build a consistent and attractive offering with all those features. This proposal would be mostly open-source, made from existing bricks, and would protect users from data spying.

Then he started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fuel early development. The campaign was very successful. The rest is history!

The /e/ mission and manifesto

We make available independent and open source IT infrastructure products & services, with an emphasis on respect for user data privacy, for the benefit of all.

We think that /e/ can have a global, worldwide impact as a major open source project in the public interest. It will help by freeing users from personal data spying and advertising.

/e/ is about freedom and privacy in the digital world.

/e/‘s mission, values and social contract are described in our /e/ manifesto :

The /e/ Foundation

/e/ is a non-profit project in the public interest. It needs a fully independent structure to protect its assets and make them sustainable in the long run.

The /e/ foundation will host core /e/ assets: domain names, trademarks, intellectual rights, technical expertise.

The /e/ foundation will be able to do some business that will ensure minimal income, and receive donations from individuals, corporates and governments.

Some /e/ “sister companies” will have strong links with the /e/ Foundation to develop business in specific related areas, and contribute to financing the /e/ Foundation.

Our non-profit organization “e Foundation” was incorporated in May 2018

The /e/ team

Our team is made of passionate people from all over the world!

Our team includes both employees, regular contributors and occasionnal contributors:

  • Gaël: project leader
  • Alexis: VP Sales & Marketing
  • Rhandros: designer
  • Véronique: communication head
  • Amit: software engineer
  • Romain: software engineer
  • Vincent: software engineer
  • Thilo: software engineer
  • Griffin: software engineer
  • Nihar: software enthusiast
  • Hüseyin S.: software developer
  • Shawn: infrastructure engineer
  • Russell: content editor
  • Gomsi: community officer
  • Anand: software engineer
  • Akhil: software engineer
  • Nivesh: software enginner
  • Frank: software engineer
  • Jo: software enthusiast
  • Matthias: software engineer
  • Daniel: web designer
  • Sreeram: token enthusiast
  • Renuka: software engineer
  • Atebal & his team: software engineers
  • Omer: software engineer
  • Laurent: software engineer
  • Maik: software security engineer
  • Nathanaël: translator
  • Stypox: translator
  • Alkorismus: translator
  • Tomas: translator
  • Malu: translator
  • Raf: translator
  • Klaus: translator
  • Lukas: translator
  • Paolo: translator
  • Julien: translator
  • Victorien: translator
  • Rui: translator
  • Steffen: translator
  • Hüseyin: translator

And thousands of /e/ supporters!

Join the team!

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/e/ is in the public interest – support us!

/e/’s mission is to provide an open-source mobile operating system and associated web-services that:

  • respect your data privacy
  • that are desirable enough for Mom, Dad and children

Want our mission to succeed?

Want /e/ to become THE main alternative to the mobile OS duopoly?

Please support us! Contribute, talk about the project, make a donation (and receive a reward)…