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/e/OS is currently available for more than
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We’re continuously adding new models to our list of supported devices.

Ready to install /e/OS? Then choose the best option for you and you’ll soon be on your way!

Buy a Murena smartphone with /e/OS

You want a smartphone with /e/OS out of the box? Look no further and browse among our selection of deGoogled Android smartphones.

Use our Easy Installer

The Easy Installer is a desktop application which helps users install /e/OS on supported devices in just a few clicks!

Download /e/OS

If the Easy Installer doesn’t support your device yet, and you are a more experienced user, download and install /e/OS directly from our Gitlab environment.

You’ll find detailed instructions for each supported device and all the tools you need to get /e/ running in a matter of minutes.

Need help?

Our User Documentation

To help you get started with /e/OS or your Murena Cloud account, you will find troubleshooting guides, and How To’s about many topics like setting up your mail account or migrating your data.

Our Community Forum

Our Community Forum is the best place to learn more about the project, upcoming features, get user help or just post your impressions.

Dedicated Chat Room

Prefer messaging? Developers and expert users are also available to offer technical support by chat via a dedicated Telegram channel.

For Developers

If you are a developer and would like to get direct access to our resources, report a bug or contribute?

About e Foundation F.A.Q

e Foundation is a non-profit organization created to host, develop, support and promote pro privacy tech solutions. Some partner companies handle the commercial side of the project and help finance e Foundation.

Most of our incoming revenue comes from private and public donations. As a non-profit, we strongly rely on individual and corporate donations.

Everywhere! The team is operating under a remote model which allows us to welcome talent from all over the globe and not be constrained by any location.

We welcome contributions and are always happy to get some support. You can help us on the development side, with translations, by volunteering to present the project in your community, contributing content or even ‘buying us a coffee’ with a donation. Find out more on this page.

We don’t have open roles at this stage but we always welcome spontaneous offers. Send in your resume and more details about yourself, your achievements and what you are looking for to:

While we are currently focused on developing /e/OS for smartphones, we are looking at adjacent opportunities such as laptops and desktops. We might investigate needs and opportunities for other devices like voice assistant or smart TVs.

General F.A.Q

Several studies have shown that personal data is collected all day long through our web browsers, our connected TVs, our connected speakers and especially on our smartphones. Smartphones enable precise localization based on triangulation from GPS, cell towers and wifi access points . It gives marketers and potentially governments great detail on your location.

Yes – all our source code is available and you can compile it, fork it. Some pre-built applications are used in the system; they are built separately from source code available here, or synced from open-source repositories such as F-Droid. We ship one proprietary application though.
Read our mission statement here

Join one of the /e/OS projects looking for contributors.

Help solving issues listed here.

Start building /e/OS for a new device and become a maintainer.

Maybe you have other suggestions, feel free to contact us! Send an email to, with a clear subject line (like : ROM Developer Mediatek).

Absolutely! /e/OS was not made for geeks or power users, it’s designed to offer a credible and attractive alternative for the average user, with more freedom and a better respect of user’s data privacy compared to mobile operating systems offered by the worldwide duopoly in place.

We really appreciate your involvement though. Your beta-testing and valuable feedback will help to make this alternative available to many more people who can’t do this sort of thing for themselves.

It’s a very different experience, check some of our  community topics beforehand to make sure it’s a good fit for you!

/e/OS has been stable since the release of version 1.0 in May 2022.

Official (formerly “stable”) builds are the ones used in devices available at Murena Store. They benefit from a more comprehensive and longer testing cycle at each release.
Community (formerly “Dev”) builds are all other builds released for devices which are essentially maintained by the community.
For additional details, refer to this guide.

Yes! We offer premium grade refurbished as well as new smartphones with /e/OS! Discover them here.

No – please report bugs and send suggestions using our GitLab platform as explained here. Please avoid using email or IM for reporting issues, as it’s not an efficient process.

You can use our community forum to report suggestions. If you have suggestions related to improving privacy, you can also send an email to

We had to change our name for legal reasons as explained here.

/e/OS is a textual representation of our “e” symbol which means “my data is MY data”.

It’s the current project codename, are planning to introduce a new and more convenient name for our mobile ROM in few months.

Murena is the new brand for phones coming with /e/OS pre-installed. As we aim to reach more and more people looking for smartphones with privacy built-in, it is important to make it simple for people to refer to their phone, mention it to their friends and relatives, etc…

Overtime, we expect to roll out the Murena brand to more products and services.

/e/OS remains the name of the operating system.

Murena is a reference to the project initial name, EELO, we had to drop some time back.

When looking for a new name, we read this reference on wikipedia we liked a lot:
Murena is a name (cognomen) used by a Roman plebeian family from Lanuvium belonging to the gens Licinia. It is supposed to be derived from the fondness of a family member for lampreys (murenae). The plebs were, in ancient Rome, the general body of free Roman citizens who were not patricians, as determined by the census. The precise origins of the group and the term are unclear, though it may be that they began as a limited political movement in opposition to the elite (patricians) which became more widely applied.

Like those free Roman citizens who fought for their freedom, Murena aims to free people from the Big Tech control over our personal data.

Technical F.A.Q

/e/OS is forked from LineageOS. We’ve modified several parts of the system (and we’re just getting started): installation procedure, settings organization, default settings. We’ve disabled and/or removed any software or services that were sending personal data to Google (for instance, the default search engine is no longer Google). We’ve integrated microG by default, have replaced some of the default applications, and modified others. We have added a synchronization background software service that syncs multimedia contents (pictures, videos, audio, files…) and settings to a cloud drive, when activated.

Also, we’ve replaced the LineageOS launcher with our own new launcher, written from scratch, that has a totally different look and feel from default LineageOS.

We’ve implemented several /e/OS online services, with a single /e/OS user identity ( This infrastructure will be offered as docker image for self hosting: drive, email, calendar… to those who prefer self-hosting.

We have added an account manager within the system with support for the single identity. It allows users to log only once, with a simple “” identity, to gain access to /e/OS’s various online services (drive, email, calendar, notes tasks).

No – we’re using the rules of open-source software. Just like AOSP-Android is forking the Linux kernel work, just like LineageOS is forking AOSP work, /e/OS is forking LineageOS work. /e/OS’s focus is on the final end-user experience, and less on the hardware. We encourage core developers to contribute upstream to LineageOS. When thinking about LineageOS vs /e/OS, think about Debian vs Ubuntu.

Yes – a simple 1-click (well, that may be 2 or 3!) “over the air” update feature is available in settings.

Check our device list. We  regularly add new devices!

Depending on the smartphone, /e/OS is forked from Android 7, Android 8 or Android 9. We are currently working on upgrading some models to Android 10. The /e/OS experience is consistent across the various versions of Android.

Try to connect to  with the following credentials:

Full login: or
Warning use only lowercases! ( is incorrect, use:
Password: your previously defined password
If you do not succeed to authenticate, try to change your password by clicking “Forgot my password” at