Join a worldwide community, and volunteer with /e/OS!

There are many ways, both direct and indirect, to contribute depending on your skills, interests or availability.

Become a Developer

Improve the OS or the apps. Become a ROM maintainer. Or contribute to the microG project, a 100% open-source alternative to Google Services. Your expertise is welcome!

Become a Translator

You’d love for this website or our newsletter to be available in your language? Look no further and join the international translation team.

Become a Volunteer

You want to introduce /e/OS to the world, support /e/OS at local events around user privacy, host an install party, or even submit your ideas to reach more people. Get in touch.

Connect on social media

Stay connected with /e/OS to learn about the project, get our latest news, announcements and opportunities.

Contribute as a Writer

You have writing skills and you’re concerned about personal data and privacy? Let’s connect!

Donate to the e Foundation

Not ready to dive in? You can support us in our mission to regain control over our data. As a non-profit, we rely on donations to carry out our mission.