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  • Happy New Year 2021
  • The /e/-GS290, an affordable, privacy enabled device

Happy New Year 2021!

We are all hoping to get out of the Covid19 crisis as soon as possible, and hope you are all safe during this holiday season.

We have exciting things coming your way in 2021! We are working on a lot of new features for /e/OS, such as a full backup to ecloud. Our promise to offer a new and more ethical mobile solution is on the right track!

We are very grateful for the all of the support you’ve shown /e/ this year.

The /e/-GS290, an affordable, privacy enabled device

Have you ordered your /e/-GS290 yet?

The association of Gigaset’s top quality hardware and outstanding repair services and  /e/OS’s Open Source and regularly updated software aims to provide users with an affordable, privacy-first, longer lasting device.
It’s a great pick if you want a large display with a long-lasting battery!

You can order yours here today or download the OS directly if you already have the phone.

Support the project!

User’s data privacy and finding alternatives to regain control over our data has never been a more pressing issue than it is today. The timing is great to build something new!

Your contribution is key to the success of an ambitious project like ours!

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