Leaving Apple & Google:

  • /e/-FP3+ soon to be available
  • e Foundation announces financial grant from SIDN fund
  • New upgrades and supported devices in /e/OS

/e/-FP3+ soon to be available!

The deGoogled /e/-Fairphone 3+ is the next evolution in privacy conscious and sustainable phones. It supports Android 10 and features 2 new camera modules: a 48MP camera and 16MP selfie camera for higher quality, sharper pictures and videos and is made of 40% recycled plastics.

If you love to take beautiful pictures and care about fairer technology, this is your perfect companion!

You can already pre-order yours here, it should be available by the end of October.

e Foundation announces financial grant from SIDN fund

e Foundation has been chosen to receive a financial grant from SIDN Fund to support the development of an integrated privacy center for Android and improve PWA support in /e/OS.
e Foundation will be developing a “Privacy Center” app to raise user awareness and as well as generally improve their data privacy management. This app will be an integral part of /e/ OS, but will also be available for other Android operating systems.
It will present information about trackers, permissions as well as privacy leaks and gives users the options to set up alerts, disable app features and set up fake geo-location. The app will be fully open-source!
The other aspect of the project will be to build in support for PWAs in the /e/ app installer as well as fully integrate them within the /e/ OS so that they appear like any other legacy Android application. This technology is a great opportunity to gain more independence from Google & Apple application SDKs and stores, so we’d like to make it as easy as possible for users to install and use them!
Read more about the project here.

New upgrades and supported devices in /e/OS

/e/OS now supports new devices such as:
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
  • OPPO F1
 Also, the Xiaomi Redmi 3s, 3x and 4x are the latest phone models to get an Android upgrade in /e/OS and move to Pie!

All supported devices at https://doc.e.foundation/devices

How can I contribute and support the /e/ project?

We are often asked how to contribute to the /e/ project and we are pleased to answer this question because users’ contributions are key to the success of an ambitious project like ours.
Now is the good time! There has never been so many questions and comments about user’s data privacy, Google, Apple and alternatives to regain control over data privacy… The timing is great and you can contribute in many ways:
Test /e/OS, report bugs, contribute to patches!
Everyone is welcome to report issues with /e/OS, and possible solutions. Just make sure you can reproduce the problem, post appropriate context information, if possible, some “logs” and ideally… a solution!
Help others! Join the global community!
 We have a growing community of users who are discussing their experience with /e/OS. Join now, you will be able to help others answer common or uncommon questions they have about /e/:

Join discussions, spread the word!

It’s important to share your experience on our forums, tell us about what you like, your frustrations… It helps us to identify improvements for the product and make it a Premium mobile ecosystem.

Also, please share the word! Every day, new users discover /e/ and love the project. We need all forces to ensure that as many people as possible learn about the project. We can’t count on mainstream media for this!

So share with friends and your community channels, talk about /e/ on social media, say why you like it!

You can also share what we post on Mastodon and Twitter.

Contribute financially!
With your help, we can support a growing team of passionate contributors, keep /e/ completely independent and make /e/OS sustainable over time.

Every donation helps the project to pursue additional developments, rent servers for compilation, rent servers to host your e.email account or the community forum, pay for domain names and other key expenses amongst other things.

If you can afford a recurring donation, become an /e/ Patron!

Otherwise, choose from the different donations options, and get a reward in return!