Leaving Apple & Google: Discover our new webmail! Watch Murena & /e/OS videos on PeerTube!

  • Discover our new webmail
  • Watch Murena & /e/OS videos on PeerTube! 

Discover our new webmail

We’re happy to introduce a new webmail in murena.io, better looking, more convenient to use and safer.  

This redesign will allow faster loading times, better integration with Murena Cloud like sharing a link to a file for recipients to download it, instead of sending the file in attachment. Not only it looks more  modern and refined, it works much better than our previous one.  

This new webmail also supports end-to-end encryption with OpenPGP so it  is now easier to send encrypted emails with a PGP key.  

For the technical users, this new webmail is based on the Snappymail project. We have added a custom theme, that anyone can download and set up on their own Snappy installation, here

We have also contributed with several fixes and feedback to the Snappy project on github.


Watch Murena & /e/OS videos on PeerTube

We are on Peertube! We listened to your kind suggestions, and we are pleased to announce that we have opened our channel on Peertube thanks to Framasoft team.  

We will add more videos shortly, for now, you can watch the replay of our Murena launch event held on May 2022. More videos to come! 

Support the project!

User’s data privacy and finding alternatives to regain control over our data has never been a more pressing issue than it is today. The timing is great to build something new!

Your contribution is key to the success of an ambitious project like ours!

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