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Still waiting for some important improvements in /e/OS? Want to ensure /e/OS remains independent? 

Consider supporting e Foundation now!

We are proud and thankful to be supported by such a vibrant and invested community from  day one.

Only this past year your support gave us the opportunity to launch /e/OS v1, to improve your privacy control with new features such as Advanced Privacy, to offer all Android apps in /e/OS via App Lounge, to grow the number of supported devices to more than 250, to offer the Easy Installer to 20 smartphone models and so on… 

In only a few years /e/OS has become the leading pro-privacy smartphone operating system, confirmed by academic research.

Thanks to your contributions, e Foundation and /e/OS can remain independent and  implement improvements much faster. Our goal remains the same since day one: let as many people as possible on this planet enjoy life without constant surveillance from the Big Techs!

It’s time to make it bigger, faster, stronger! We are committed to accelerating the development of much needed and awaited features as:

  • Improved support of community devices
  • /e/OS for tablets
  • End to End Encryption for your documents, pictures, …
  • Voice to Text feature
  • Wireless TV connection
  • Android auto compatibility

And to do this, we need your contributions! Every donation helps to pursue additional developments, rent servers for the compilation, recruit more developers, pay for domain names and other key expenses amongst other things.


How can you donate?

There are several ways you can support us financially:

1. Recurring donation: become an /e/ Patron!

2. Our ongoing crowdfunding, receive a gift in exchange!

3. One time donation via PayPal or crypto currencies 

4. Donate via the bank transfer: send us an e-mail at donation@murena.io with your request and we’ll send you our bank information


How to support us differently?

Any other way to contribute to the project is priceless for us! 

You can also help us by:

Read more about our project’s ambitions in Gaël Duval’s letter.


Support the project!

User’s data privacy and finding alternatives to regain control over our data has never been a more pressing issue than it is today. The timing is great to build something new!

Your contribution is key to the success of an ambitious project like ours!

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