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  • A safer internet starts with a privacy-friendly device
  • Should /e/ implement a “panic” PIN feature?

A safer internet starts with a privacy-friendly device and you have a chance to win one!

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73% of internet connections are made from a smartphone  nowadays. That means that the device and OS you use can have a real impact on your online experience! 

This week, we’re partnering with Fairphone to give you a chance to win a sustainable, privacy-first FP3+ with /e/OS along with other privacy-friendly prizes. Head to our Twitter to enter!

Should /e/ implement a “panic” PIN feature?

There is an ongoing discussion about a new feature proposal for /e/OS.
The feature would consist of having the option to unlock your device and input on the same PIN pad an alternative PIN which would immediately reset the device to factory state without asking for confirmation.

At this time, this feature proposal had been rejected by Google for Android.
Yet one could argue that it could have its usefulness. Users from some countries are forced to give away their phones on arrest and reveal their PIN code, after which incriminating information is pulled from their phones, leading to further arrests.

Do you think we should implement it?

You can join the conversation on Mastodon and view the GitLab issue here.

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