Leaving Apple & Google: What is deGoogling ? ; Easy Installer is now available for Fairphone 5!

  • What is deGoogling ? 
  • Easy Installer is now available for Fairphone 5! 
  • See our team at Primevère 2024 in Lyon! 
  • Murena Mobile launch featured by TechCrunch

What is deGoogling ?

Let’s go deeper into the concept of “deGoogling” and explore its definition that lies at the core of our mission. 

The term “deGoogle” is often loosely defined as a complete removal of all Google related code from the Android Smartphone operating system code base. We’ve decided to clarify the meaning of this term in our recent article. 


Easy Installer is now available for Fairphone 5!

You’ve been asking us and it is here! The Easy Installer is finally available for Fairphone 5

Say goodbye to complicated installation processes! Our Easy Installer, a user-friendly desktop application, makes installing /e/OS on your phone as easy as a few clicks. No need for command line or other complex processes to switch to /e/OS. Just install the right package depending on your computer, follow the steps on screen, and you’ll be all set in minutes. This tool runs on Linux, macOS and Windows OS.

Check out the Easy Installer guide and download links here.


See our team at Primevère 2024 in Lyon!

Join us at the Primevère trade show in Lyon on March 1, 2, and 3, and immerse yourself in the world of privacy! Come meet our team Murena and test our smartphones with /e/OS!

Test out our revolutionary Murena 2 with privacy switches, a brand-new Murena Fairphone 5, and other community devices we’ll be showcasing this year. Plus, don’t miss out on grabbing some event goodies and exclusive discounts on Murena products at the booth B107.

As a special treat for our community, we’re offering 50 free entrance tickets! Simply visit https://www.salonprimevere.org/billetterie and use the code EXP20247385. 

We can’t wait to see you there! 

Murena Mobile launch featured by TechCrunch

Have you seen the news? Teaming up with Gigs, Murena has launched a mobile network “Murena Mobile” in the USA! Benefit from carrier-grade connectivity, easy plan upgrades, 1-month cancellation periods, safety features, and much more. 

Read our interview and the story behind Murena Mobile in TechCrunch.

Learn more about Murena Mobile: https://murena.com/america/murena-mobile/

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