Leaving Apple & Google: Watch the replay of the Murena Launch event; Discover all new features of /e/OS V1 : App Lounge, Advanced Privacy & Murena Cloud

Discover all new features of /e/OS V1 : App Lounge, Advanced Privacy & Murena Cloud on replay

Thank you for joining us during our livestream event! It was wonderful to see so many of you connected!

If you couldn’t manage to be with us live, the replay of the event is currently available on different platforms: YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter. From now on, Murena has its own website murena.com where you can find all these privacy solutions as well Murena smartphones.

 You can also follow Murena social accounts on Mastodon, Twitter  and LinkedIn

/e/OS 1.0!

We are really proud to introduce /e/OS V1.

/e/OS 1.0 brings significant improvements to our privacy by design ecosystem. As you know, the operating system lets you run any Android application by default, so you don’t have to trade off their privacy for usability. In /e/OS 1.0, we have strengthened application compatibility, for instance by improving SafetyNet support for some devices, so all apps can work seamlessly on your phone.

Not only we have improved the system stability overall but also added long request features like better widget management. We want to ensure the user interface can deliver a great user experience.

App Lounge

With /e/OS V1, we now include App Lounge, our new application installer where you will find all the applications of the Google Play Store, as well as most of the “open source” applications on the F-Droid store, and last but not least Progressive Web Apps. 

We know that finding the app you need is critical and we hope this extensive catalogue will meet your needs.

Within App Lounge, you can still vet apps for privacy and check their privacy score. Each app is analyzed so you can hidden trackers that are after your personal data. 

Advanced Privacy

In App Lounge, we already inform users about potential privacy issues and number of trackers. But we wanted to do more. In /e/OS we are now shipping Advanced Privacy, a specific tool we have developed to limit users’ data exposure once they have installed third party apps.

When an application snoops in the background, it will use trackers to log the user’s activity even if he/she is not using the app. It will also collect the IP address so it can potentially link internet activity to a specific device and to a persona, and finally it will try to pinpoint the user’s location.

Advanced Privacy lets you manage in app trackers, IP address and location. It’s available as a widget and within the operating system settings.

Murena Cloud: murena.io

If we had focused only on the operating system, we were leaving many users without options for their emails and cloud storage, but to use proprietary solutions like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365. So our efforts to bring people to a more privacy-friendly environment would be in vain. This is why we created the Murena cloud.

If you were using ecloud before, the basic features are the same but you will see a major design overhaul, we hope you will like the new dashboard and the easy access to the cloud apps.

Murena cloud is a personal email account, agenda and contacts, a drive on the cloud and an office suite, all combined into one single service, simple to use. Murena cloud is powered by proven open-source software like NextCloud and OnlyOffice.

Hide my email

What is “Hide my email” feature? “Hide My Email” is a mail alias used to receive mails without disclosing your real email address. Briefly speaking, it is a random address added to a user.

As it is an alias, all mails sent to this mail alias will get into the mailbox of a user.

The address can be found in this page of Murena Cloud settings. Currently, there is one alias available, but in the future we plan to get more and users will be able to manage their aliases (to delete and renew them).


Support the project!

User’s data privacy and finding alternatives to regain control over our data has never been a more pressing issue than it is today. The timing is great to build something new!

Your contribution is key to the success of an ambitious project like ours!

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