Leaving Apple & Google: ecloud self-hosting updates & Murena Nord on our store

  • Updated ecloud self-hosting
  • Murena Nord 5G: new device in our shop for EU customers

Updated ecloud self-hosting

The ecloud self-host project is making significant progress with many updates to services and lots of optimizations under the hood.

What is the self-host project? For the uninitiated, the self-host project was born from the idea to provide our users with the ability to self-host their data on the cloud. Briefly speaking, the ‘host your cloud’ allows /e/ users to install cloud services on their own server, using a single identity. Thanks to self-hosting you can sync data from your smartphones to your own cloud.

The major changes can be observed on several levels :

  1. The ecloud image development :
  • Based on Nextcloud 20 – previously Nextcloud 16!
  • Comes with the new ecloud theme and app launcher by default.
  • Also includes the privacy enhancements we apply to ecloud.global and other fixes for better user and admin experience.
  1. The account creation flow : 
  • Redesigned account creation (welcome) pages
  • Security fixes and other improvements
  1. Installation process updates :
  • We made it even easier to install all the necessary services for your own ecloud through a single script.
  1. OnlyOffice has been dropped from the project :
  • You can install and connect either OnlyOffice or Collabora Office if needed. For those of you who already have an eCloud instance running, we have added an upgrade guide with the changes needed to get the latest version.

If you want to discover more of what the self-host project is about, feel free to check this post

Murena Nord 5G: new device in our shop for EU customers

As good news never come alone, we are also delighted to introduce to our European users the Murena Nord – a perfect fusion of the OnePlus Nord hardware with the /e/OS. Recently added to our esolutions shop, this device is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G chipset and 8 GB of RAM for your favourite apps to run simultaneously and smoothly.

Another attractive feature of the Murena Nord is definitely its camera, equipped with multiple lenses for snapping the perfect picture and especially a 48 MP primary sensor. You will also like the 2 selfie cameras, including an ultra-wide angle. The box also includes a fast USB power charger, its compatible USB-C cable and a pre-applied screen protector.

Last but not least, note that the Murena Nord is the first 5G model available on our e.shop. On this occasion, we would like to know if you are looking forward for more 5G models or your choice falls on 4G? Share your thoughts with us !

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