Email configuration

You can use your email account to log in at: or
Lots of different email clients are able to automatically configure your email account – you just need to provide email address and password in order to connect.
For example: /e/ Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 or newer, Evolution, KMail, Kontact and Outlook 2007 or newer.
If you are using a current Apple Mail version (both on macOS or iOS) you can visit and fill in your details to download a configuration package that automatically configures your client.

Manual configuration

For manual configuration, please use the following settings:
  • SMTP/IMAP server:
  • SMTP/IMAP username: your address in full (example:
  • SMTP/IMAP password: your password
  • SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication
  • IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication




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