Age of !Data: The Card Game

The Card Game! a unique and fun card game about personal data collection.

Imagine your phone going ‘TADA!’ every time it sends out your !DATA without you knowing

We want people to be aware of personal data collection practises in commercial mobile operating systems and applications. So we have designed a unique card game to make the learning curve fun and easy.

Age of !Data: The Card Game” will teach anyone, from 7 to 77 and even more, the basics of personal data challenges, and how anyone can reduce its exposure to micro-targetting and personal data collection.

Age of !Data: The Card Game” is available now as a beta version, that anyone can download for free (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licensed, print and cut, to start plays with friends and families.

In return, we expect your feedback at our COMMUNITY WEBPAGE

We will use this feedback to improve the game in its final version, that will be available for free download and also “ready to use” at production and handling costs.

Download now!


Play and report your feedback here!