Financement participatif

We need to support the project and pay developers for development work to reach first viable “privacy-enabled” /e/ products that users will be able to install on their own phones or order on quantity-limited pre-installed /e/ smartphones.

Ensuite, nous serons en mesure d'attirer plus de contributeurs et le projet deviendra naturellement durable au fur et à mesure qu'il évoluera avec des nouvelles versions.

/ e /, un OS mobile et des services en ligne, pour l'intérêt général

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Financement participatif

Vos données sont VOS données !

/e/ recognises the need shared by everyone for better data privacy. The /e/ project will provide an alternative mobile operating system and associated online-services, including email, cloud storage, and online office tools. /e/ is an open source, non-profit project, in the public interest.

/ e /, un OS mobile et des services en ligne, pour l'intérêt général


En 1998, j'ai créé Mandrake Linux, parce que j'étais à la fois fan de Linux et que je n'aimais pas Windows. Cela fait longtemps, et je suis très heureux d'avoir été l'un des acteurs qui a contribué à faire du bureau Linux une option crédible.

Since then, the smartphone has emerged. And it’s now a “companion of life” for many of us. But I realized this year that I was using an iPhone, a Mac and Google services more and more. I realized that I had become lazy and that my data privacy had vanished.

And I’m definitely not happy with that situation. I’m not happy with this situation because iOS is proprietary and I prefer open-source Software. I’m not happy because Apple is going crazy with their latest products, and even iOS is leaking a lot of personal data to Google (for 9Bn$ a year in return!). They are more and more expensive, and not really exciting.

I’m also not happy with Google and others like them. They have become too big and are tracking us by capturing a lot of information about what we do. They want to know us as much as possible to sell advertising. Like millions of others, I’VE BECOME A PRODUCT OF GOOGLE.

I want to stop that, at least for myself. People are free to do what they want. They can choose to be voluntary slaves. But I do not want this situation for me anymore.

Reconquérir ma vie privée

Je veux reconquérir ma vie privée. Mes données sont MES données. Et je veux utiliser autant que possible un logiciel Open Source.

Je veux reconquérir ma vie privée. Mes données sont MES données. Et je veux utiliser autant que possible un logiciel Open Source.
Mais en même temps, les alternatives qui existent actuellement ne correspondent pas exactement à mes besoins. Tout d'abord, je ne veux pas utiliser Android d'origine: c'est Google partout et je n'aime pas son interface utilisateur par défaut. Il y a aussi d'autres initiatives qui ne correspondent pas à ce que je recherche. Je veux quelque chose de cohérent et confortable à utiliser, comme iOS ou MacOS. Je veux quelque chose que je pourrais recommander à mes parents ou à mes enfants. Et je veux quelque chose qui respecte ma vie privée.

Ce que je veux pourrait être construit à partir de briques existantes dans un délai raisonnable et il serait accompagné de bons outils en ligne tels que le bureau, le stockage en nuage et les services de messagerie.

Construisons quelque chose de nouveau : /e/

Cette « nouvelle approche » sera - autant que possible - open source. Et pour que moi et les autres apprécions de l'utiliser, il doit être conçu de manière attrayante.

À sa base, il sera issu de LineageOS qui est open source et peut exécuter des applications Android grand public. En plus de cela, de superbes modules open source seront ajoutés pour former un système Web et mobile cohérent.

I’ve called the project “/e/ ” because eels are small fishes that can hide in the sea. That’s perfect for my quest for more privacy. And we have a nice logo:

Un projet d'intérêt général

I want /e/ to be a non-profit project, a project “in the public interest”. I strongly believe operating systems and web services should be a shared resource: as I explained a few years ago, they are infrastructure – just like phone networks, rail tracks, and roads.

Non-profit doesn’t mean nothing will be for sale. We envisage selling preloaded /e/ smartphones, and providing premium services for corporates. We will also work with corporates who want to make some business with our Open Source products. But profit won’t be /e/‘s primary focus.

And as a community project, /e/ will welcome contributors.

Nous avons déjà des premiers résultats !

The /e/ project will release attractive-designed “privacy-enabled” smartphone ROMs and smartphones for the average user, with associated web-services.

Our first positive results at proof-of-concept stage are described on this page. In September 2018, we have also released a first beta of /e/ mobile operating system and online services! It’s available on a selection of devices (about 20 and counting!) and already received some nice press coverage.

First /e/ prototype smartphone OS

We initially started to review alternative web-services that would be compatible with the /e/ project and that we would be able to customize and integrate with the /e/ mobile operating system.

/e/ vision: devices and web services with privacy respect

Comment l'argent est-il utilisé ?

Afin d'atteindre les objectifs décrits sur notre feuille de route, nous devons :
  • payer l'équipe de développement
  • payer les serveurs
  • payer les différents goodies et services que nous offrons en échange de contributions<
  • embaucher des profils stratégiques pour créer une équipe pleinement opérationnelle

L'équipe /e/ : en provenance de 3 continents !

Gaël Duval is the project founder, and lives in Europe. Gaël is an open source advocate and has created two significant open source products: the Mandrake Linux distribution and Ulteo, an application and desktop delivery platform.

Rhandros Dembicky is /e/‘s artist in chief, and lives in Brazil. Rhandros is a UI/UX Designer with a solid background in mobile products. For more than 10 years he has worked with big players in the market creating digital products such as PlayKids, one of the world’s most famous apps in the kids category.

Véronique Loquet is /e/‘s head of communication and she lives in Europe. For twenty years Véronique has been helping hackers and IT doers in the open source and security fields to organize their media relations and events, all over the world.

A growing community of developers and contributors!  /e/ is getting some attention from a lot of enthusiasts from all over the planet Earth: developers, content editors, “tubers”, evangelists… and they are warmly welcome.

Et nous sommes aidés par plusieurs conseillers de l'industrie mobile sur différents aspects du projet.

Impact de /e/

We think that /e/ can have a global, worldwide impact as a major open source project in the public interest. It will help freeing users from personal data spying and advertising.

/e/ is about freedom and privacy in the digital world.

D'autres moyens pour soutenir / e /

Contributing to this crowdfunding campaign is a great way to support /e/‘s development. You are encouraged to share information about the project and about this campaign as much as possible, to friends, on internet forums and on social medias.
Vous pouvez également vous inscrire sur notre site Web ou nous contacter en tant que contributeur potentiel. Nous aurons besoin d'ingénieurs, de testeurs, de traducteurs et de personnes capables de passer le mot partout.
Find the different ways to support /e/ on the support page


By contributing to the /e/ permanent crowdfunding campaign, you help fuel development and increase our chances of releasing software and services that will be made available to all. With contributions from many people, we can have a real impact and become a real ethical alternative to the net giants. The biggest reward for all of us is the benefits the /e/ project can bring to the world.

But at the same time we have worked on some cool rewards. Depending on your level of commitment, you’ll get stickers, t-shirts, and as a /e/ official community member, you will be better connected to us and we’ll listen to your voice carefully. Last but not least, there are a few early “smartphones preloaded with /e/” available for the biggest contributors.


Since the beginning of the /e/ campaign, we have received an awesome amount of support from people who like the project and who want to contribute. We also started to get some media coverage! We hope to soon be in the Washington Post, Elle and Vanity Fair, but meanwhile you can find us on a number of IT news sites, including ZDNet,, Slashdot, HackerNoon and AndroidHeadlines.

/e/ Supporter (8€)

You like the /e/ project and want to contribute, /e/ thanks you in return!

/e/ Lucky Sixteen (16€)

You like the /e/ project and want to contribute, /e/ thanks you loud in return.

/e/ Contributor (32€)

You really care about our mission to bring more privacy to the world. You become an official member of the /e/ project. We’ll listen to your needs carefully, and you’ll get some /e/ stickers.

/e/ Power Member (64€)

You really care about our mission to protect humans more from big corps’ and govs’ ears. You become an official member of the /e/ project. We’ll listen to your needs carefully and you’ll get a sheet of /e/ stickers!

/e/ Early Adopter (99€)

You want to help /e/ grow and improve the mail and drive infrastructure. You get access now to more storage on /e/ services: 20GB drive and your account for one year. And you will receive a set of /e/ stickers in addition!

Remarque importante : si vous avez déjà votre identifiant /e/, merci de nous le communiquer à la commande.

/e/ Backer (128€)

You want to make the /e/‘s odyssey faster. You will get everything above plus an /e/ t-shirt and an early access email account.

/e/ Maker (256€)

You want to make the /e/ ‘s odyssey super-fast. You will get everything above plus an /e/ sweatshirt.

/e/ Transformer (512€)

You really want to contribute more and we see you as a hero: you get all the above plus an early 100GB secure cloud drive.

/e/ Hero (1024€)

You want to contribute and change the story significantly! You get all the above plus a nice 5 to 5.5″ mid-range smartphone (such as a Xiaomi Mi 5S or equivalent) preloaded with a functional early /e/ system..