Leaving Apple & Google: Data Privacy Day

Are you doing enough to protect your data?

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, Murena teamed up with other major privacy actors Qwant, Proton & Olvid to discover the degree of awareness that people have about their data protection on the Internet on the example of the French population.

The study conducted on December 2022 revealed again the Privacy Paradox showing that 91% (of respondents) feel “concerned” about online data protection, but only 48% say they know and use ways to protect their personal data when they go online. This is true that many still are not aware of simple habits that they can adopt while surfing the Internet. In reality, there are many ways to protect your data from being unnecessarily collected starting from simple daily habits i.e. to refuse non-essential cookies to adopting alternative solutions to Big Techs. 

To contribute to the better awareness, a Privacy Guide was created by getting together the experience of the privacy-minded projects: Murena, Qwant, Proton and Olvid. 

You can find the study & the Privacy Guide in French published here: https://dataprivacyday.io/

¡Apoya el proyecto!

La privacidad de tus datos como usuario y la búsqueda de alternativas para recuperar el control de nuestros datos nunca ha sido un tema más apremiante que hoy en día. ¡El momento es perfecto para construir algo nuevo!

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