Weg von Apple & Google: Read our Roadmap 2023, Welcome /e/OS 1.11, Discover what’s new at murena.com

  • Read our Roadmap 2023
  • Welcome /e/OS 1.11
  • Was gibt es Neues auf murena.com?

Discover our 2023 roadmap

This year has truly been a blast so far to our project and this is also the year that marks 5 years since Gaël Duval created /e/OS with the idea to provide  he best solution to protect users’ data and freedom. Since then “/e/OS has become the leading daily-driver OS for everyone who wants to  keep full control of their personal data without sacrificing usability”.

Our team has been hard at work to add the much-awaited features in /e/OS, add new devices, to improve murena.io &, Murena Cloud. This is not without the help of our community and contributors that we are able to push this project much further! And we are certainly planning to.

Gaël Duval has shared our plans for this year in a new roadmap 2023, and gave the hints on some interesting news coming for Murena & /e/OS in the nearest future. Have a look at what’s planned for 2023!

Welcome /e/OS 1.11

Get ready for /e/OS 1.11

We are happy to introduce this new version, including important fixes such as notes synchronization, translation fixes and performance improvements of eDrive, the software to sync your Murena cloud account between your phone and the cloud.Enjoy a better experience using Mail, App Lounge and Advanced Privacy with more stability. To benefit from all new features and improvements, update your phone in ‘System updates’ in your phone settings menu to /e/OS 1.11.

* Note that this version update is available for all supported devices but the Murena One and Teracube 2e. 

Enjoy the latest features & security updates: update your phone now!


You help us a lot by sharing your feedback and reporting bugs. If you face any issues, check Gitlab if a similar issue already exists, if not, you can report your problem by creating a new one

Our support team is also happy to help with your specific case: helpdesk@murena.com

Was gibt es Neues auf murena.com?

Great news! The Refurbished Murena Pixel 5, which is already available for purchase in Europe, Switzerland and the UK, is coming to the USA and Canada! Murena has recently opened pre-orders in the USA and Canada for the shipping in July 2023!

If you’re seeking a compact, high-performance phone that prioritizes privacy and offers cutting-edge 5G connectivity, the Refurbished Murena Pixel 5 is totally a good match for you.

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Der Datenschutz der Nutzer und die Suche nach Alternativen zur Wiederherstellung der Kontrolle über unsere Daten waren noch nie so wichtig wie heute. Jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen etwas Neues aufzubauen!

Ihr Beitrag ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg für ein ambitionierten Projektes wie das unsere!

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