Leaving Apple & Google:
Ready? Register now for your first smartphone with /e/!

Register now for your first smartphone with /e/!

We are partnering with professional smartphone refurbishers to provide you the first smartphones with /e/, at a great price!

We will start with two devices:
– Samsung Galaxy S7 – Grade A
(Estimated price: below 280€)
– Samsung Galaxy S9 – Grade A
(Estimated price: below 500€)

Register NOW and be among the first to get your phone with /e/!
Deliveries to start early June

Don’t wait, quantities will be limited!

User’s data privacy shouldn’t mean a rough user Experience!

We have again improved our /e/ “BlissLauncher”! You can now swipe down in any view to access to search, and we have a nice animation when opening and closing icon groups.

Be part of something bigger: act now!

It is ESSENTIAL to contribute if you want /e/ to succeed and shape a more ethical IT world, with an open-source and privacy-compliant mobile ecosystem.

In one word: contribute as a developer, lend some servers on Internet, spread the word about /e/ in Internet forums, social media, email, retweet our posts with #eFoundation hashtag…

Act now:

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