/e/ is a complete, fully “deGoogled”, mobile ecosystem

/e/OS is an open-source mobile operating system paired with carefully selected applications. They form a privacy-enabled internal system for your smartphone. And it’s not just claims: open-source means auditable privacy.

We could have just focused on an OS, but apps and online services are crucial components of our everyday experience, too.

These online services, including our search engine, email platform, cloud storage and other online tools, create a unique privacy enhanced environment.

/e/OS key features

The operating system

/e/ is a “deGoogled” version of Android OS.

It has an open-source Android OS core, with no Google apps or Google services accessing your personal data. It is compatible with all your favorite Android apps.

With /e/ you’ll find a set of carefully selected apps to cover your most common needs, personal and professional: get you email, plan your week ahead, chat with your friends and coworkers, browse the web, check the weather, check your itinerary for your next meeting…

All the apps are based on open source bricks. We improve their design and experience to make them look stellar and easy to use daily.

Apps with rated privacy

Applications available in our Installer include open source apps that you can get from Fdroid, as well as free Android apps that you would find in your usual repository.

In a blink of an eye, /e/ can decipher the app code for you: you can see which and how many trackers are in the app. It also documents the number of permissions the app requires to operate. With an easy to read scoring, you can see which apps are safe and which ones should be avoided.

You can check if your everyday apps are available in our Installer in our search engine below.

One account for your privacy

Your @e.email account is at the centre of the ecosystem, allowing to store, back up and retrieve your data safely on remote servers.

The @e.email account comes with 1GB of default storage.

With ecloud, store, back up and retrieve your data safely on remote servers. For advanced users, we also offer options to self-host.

Do you need more capacity than the default account? Don’t worry, we have several plans available from 20GB to 256GB.

Want to learn more? Read the full description of the /e/OS on a dedicated page at our GitLab.

How to get /e/OS?

Want to give /e/OS a try?

We have different options for you, whether you’re a hands-on user or prefer a turn key solution.

Buy an /e/ smartphone

You want a smartphone with /e/ out of the box?
Look no further and browse among our selection of deGoogled Android smartphones.

Use our Easy Installer

The Easy Installer is a desktop application which helps users install /e/OS on supported devices in just a few clicks!

Download /e/OS

If the Easy Installer doesn’t support your device yet, and you are a more experienced user, download and install /e/OS directly from our Gitlab environment.

You’ll find detailed instructions for each supported device and all the tools you need to get /e/ running in a matter of minutes.

In Need Of Help?

Our Community Forum

Our Community Forum is the best place to learn more about the project, upcoming features, get user help or just post your impressions.

Dedicated Chat Room

Prefer messaging? Developers and expert users are also available to offer technical support by chat via a dedicated Telegram channel.

For Developers

If you are a developer and would like to get direct access to our resources, report a bug or contribute?

Professional Services

We can offer professional services for your business!

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