Leaving Apple & Google:
New BlissLauncher features, new version naming, how to support /e/…

Say hello to applications applets

Better privacy doesn’t have to mean bad design! We are constantly improving our “BlissLauncher” to give you the best experience and ease-of-use possible. With the apps applets you can access content from your favorite apps in a blink of eye with a left swipe from the home screen. Try it NOW by installing or upgrading to the latest version of /e/.

Download & install here.

/e/ new naming scheme!

We have several major releases coming up very soon and we’d like to improve and simplify our naming conventions going forward. We have revisited our naming for the software releases and also for our default apps. From now on, we will follow this scheme:


Example: 0.5-o-201902063108-dev-dumpling.zip

Once you install the OTA update, you will notice that /e/ account (eDrive) doesn’t work any more.  Follow these simple steps to get it back up and running.

Be part of something bigger!

It is ESSENTIAL to contribute if you want /e/ to succeed and shape a more ethical IT world, with an open-source and privacy-compliant mobile ecosystem.
In one word: contribute as a developer, lend some servers on Internet, spread the word about /e/ in Internet forums, social media, email, retweet our posts with #eFoundation hashtag…
Act now:



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