/e/ mobile phone operating system

Imagine mobile phones running a desirable operating system, at a reasonable cost. Not running Google or any other « data hungry » services.

And at the same time, mobile phone operating systems where personal and corporate users can install and use the mainstream applications of their choice, if they wish so.

That’s what /e/ is going to provide: attractive mobile phone operating systems with better privacy.

Our mobile phone OS roadmap

Is /e/ mobile phone OS available? Yes! A first beta is now available. You can test it on a selection of devices. A full description of this release is available online in this article.

This year we will begin selling the first mobile phones, which will be « post market » phones, i.e. phones that we buy, flash with the /e/ system and sell to customers.

/e/ is also already seeking hardware partners and resellers that would be interested in preloading /e/ for mass-market release.

2018 Roadmap:

  • June 2018: early access to /e/ email for /e/ backers
  • July 2018: early access to /e/ drive for /e/ backers
  • August 2018: /e/ OS beta (MVP) release with several web services (search, app store)
  • September 2018: /e/ OS source code release on /e/ GitLab
  • September 2018: /e/ email and drive open to more users
  • October 2018: smartphones with /e/ OS start shipping to /e/ backers
  • January 2019: smartphones with /e/ OS start selling

Supported devices

At the moment, we’re developing for LeEco Le2, Xiaomi Mi5S and Essential Phone PH1. The list of devices currently supported by /e/ is available here.

It will grow over time, but possibly not all devices from this list will be officially supported if they become obsolete.

On the other hand, as /e/ will be open-source, we count on the community to support and maintain /e/ for rare devices.

Suggest a new device

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/e/’s mission is to provide an open-source mobile operating system and associated web-services that:

  • respect your data privacy
  • that are desirable enough for Mom, Dad and children

Want our mission to succeed?

Want /e/ to become THE main alternative to the mobile OS duopole in place?

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