Leaving Apple & Google: let’s make something big!

You can be part of something BIG…

Internet giants harvest tons of our personal data to fuel their business model.
Today, the Google/Apple global duopoly on mobile phones is challenged like never before: we all want real alternatives that keep our data private.
Even major smartphone brands realize how dependent they are on Google and look actively for alternatives.

/e/OS offers a paradigm shift, a unique opportunity to build a new ecosystem, based on different and more ethical values: privacy, transparency, open source and freedom!

You can take part in creating history and help us to make it big! Act now and fuel the project growth: to support more smartphones, create a better and faster infrastructure, and launch new projects with personal assistants…

You can Act now and join our great /e/ supporters Hall of Fame!

support us with recurring donations

donate some money to the project and get some stickers, t-shirts, or even a smartphone in return!

Write the story with us!

A brand new website for /e/…

Here is the third iteration of the official /e/ website at https://e.foundation… We tried to rethink it from scratch, with a new, more convenient organization, more contents…

Still in beta, but we hope you will enjoy! Please feel free to report any glitches.

Shipping soon!
your first smartphone with /e/…

As we announced earlier, we are partnering with professional smartphone refurbishers to provide you the first smartphones with /e/, at a great price!

We will start with two devices:

– Samsung Galaxy S7 – Grade A (Estimated price: below 280€)

– Samsung Galaxy S9 – Grade A (Estimated price: below 500€)

Register NOW and be among the first to get your phone with /e/!

Deliveries in just a few weeks!

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