Leaving Apple & Google: new phones & end of life schedule, /e/ mail app blocked by Gmail, why we don’t ship (yet) to the USA

/e/OS smartphone support: new devices, Android upgrades and end of life schedule

Today, /e/OS supports more than 90 different phones.

Some phones are very old, some are more recent, some are used by many, others are used by few…

If we want to include the latest security updates, we need to stick to the latest Android versions.

So we factored all these dimensions and worked on a roadmap. Our goal is to clarify which phones will be upgraded to the latest Android versions, which phones will be supported in the future, and which phones won’t receive any more updates in the future.

Which phones will be supported? Upgraded to a new Android version? Dropped? Discover and discuss our first iteration of this process on our community post.

/e/ email app blocked by Gmail: how to fix?

Yesterday, some /e/OS users warned us about a communication sent by Google about Gmail access from the default /e/OS mail application, a fork of the open source K9-mail application.

In short, Google announced that the /e/OS Mail app wouldn’t work any more with Gmail very soon.

Read more here about this issue, and how it can be (easily) fixed.

Why don’t we ship /e/-smartphones (yet) to the USA?

It is nearly one year now that we started to ship our first phones with /e/ OS, the pro-privacy, deGoogled, mobile ecosystem.

We ship our range of /e/ phones (Galaxy smartphones: S7, S7 Edge, S8, S9 and S9+, and more recently the Fairphone 3) all over Europe. And this is already a huge market for us.

Every week we receive requests to open to more countries and despite great demand from North America, we still cannot ship there. Yet.

Read more about the reasons and our plan in this blog post.

/e/OS phone range front and back

By the way, all our /e/ smartphones are back in stock!

Break free from Google with /e/OS Fairphone3, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S9, S9+…

And did you know? VoLTE, VoWifi and SIP calls are available on /e/ Fairphone 3! (if the feature is offered by your carrier)

Order your brand-new /e/ smartphone today.

How to contribute and support the /e/ project?

We are often asked how to contribute to the /e/ project and we are pleased to answer this question because users’ contributions are key to the success of an ambitious project like ours.

The time is now! There has never been so many questions and comments about user’s data privacy, Google, Apple and alternatives to regain control over data privacy… The timing is great and you can contribute in many ways:

Test /e/OS, report bugs, contribute to patches!

Anyone is really welcome to report issues with /e/OS, and possible solutions. Just make sure you can reproduce the problem, post appropriate context information, possibly some “logs”, and ideally… a solution 🙂

Help others! Join the global community!

We have a growing community of users who are discussing their experience with /e/OS. Join now, you will be able to help others answer common or uncommon questions they have about /e/:

Join /e/ Community Forum
Join the Support Channel

Join discussions, spread the word!

It’s important to share your experience on our forums, tell us about what you like, your frustrations… It helps us to identify improvements for the product and make it a premium mobile ecosystem.

Also, please share the word! Every day, new users discover /e/ and love the project. We need everyone to ensure that as many people as possible learn about the project. We can’t count on mainstream media for this!

So share with friends and your community channels, talk about /e/ on social media, say why you like it!
You can also share what we post on Mastodon and Twitter

Contribute financially

With your help, we can support a growing team of passionate contributors, keep /e/ completely independent and make /e/OS sustainable over time.

Every donation helps the project to pursue additional development, rent servers for compilation and to host your e.email account or the community forum, pay for domain names and other key expenses amongst other things.

If you can afford a recurring donation, become a /e/ Patron!

Otherwise, choose from the different donations options, and get a reward in return!

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