e Foundation

/e/ is a non-profit project, in the public interest.

Announcing “e Foundation” for /e/

We are pleased to announce that a non-profit organization has been incorporated to support the project: e Foundation.

“e Foundation” will host core /e/ assets and fuel the development of /e/ software.

This non-profit organization will be able to receive private and public grants, as well as donations from individuals, from anywhere in the world. We’re also working to add a legal way so that donations could benefit from tax cuts, as it’s often possible when donating to “in the public interest” organizations.

As soon as a bank account will be ready for “e Foundation”, we will move there all donations and our “in demand” crowdfunding campaign.

All information about “e Foundation” will be available at /e/’s website, at this page.

If you are running a public organization or a corporation and would like to support /e/ through “e Foundation”, please contact us at: efoundation@e.email

The /e/ Team.

/e/ is in the public interest – support us!

/e/’s mission is to provide an open-source mobile operating system and associated web-services that:

  • respect your data privacy
  • that are desirable enough for Mom, Dad and children

Want our mission to succeed?

Want /e/ to become THE main alternative to the mobile OS duopoly?

Please support us! Contribute, talk about the project, make a donation (and receive a reward)…