Leaving Apple & Google:
/e/OS “Easy Installer” in alpha, /e/OS soon on Fairphone3 and PinePhone, now available on Galaxy S8 & other fresh news…

Important information about COVID-19

As COVID-19 is affecting everyone around the world, it’s our responsibility to ask you to suspend the organization of any physical meetup or event related to /e/, at least until the situation gets better.
Instead, we recommend to organize some virtual events using videoconferencing tools, chats, etc. We are thinking about how we can help this to structure at best and provide appropriate content.
Continuity of service: we are doing our best to ensure that /e/ online services, including online storage at ecloud.global, search engine at spot.ecloud.global, and our Android application installer work as usual.
So far, our project has grown with distributed workforce from various countries around the world, therefore our daily operations are not impacted for now.
Also, orders and shipments of /e/OS smartphones are still up and running and we don’t anticipate stock disruptions for the foreseeable future.

/e/OS “Easy Installer” is arriving!

After several months of development, the /e/OS installer is going through its final refinements! It will let anyone skip the obscure process of flashing their phone by command-line and install /e/OS on any supported device in a matter of minutes.
The software will be available on Linux, Mac or Windows. Installation will be as easy as plugging the smartphone via USB and following the on-screen instructions. Currently in alpha test, it will be released for a selection of devices by the end of March, 2020. Learn more here…

/e/OS on new devices!

We are working on porting /e/OS on Fairphone 3! It will be an official build, and a beta can be expected later in April!
We are also working on porting to Pinephone, and we are very happy to announce that /e/OS is now supported on Galaxy S8. It’s in beta but so far everything seems to work well. Expect it for the S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 in a near future.

/e/OS needs translators…

Want to help translating various parts of /e/ OS? We have a new tool and documentation for this!
It’s open to everyone – read more at : https://community.e.foundation/t/translation-of-e-os-text-in-different-languages/12859

Did you get your /e/ smartphone?

All /e/ smartphones models: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S9, S9+ are in stock for now…
unGoogle you life, get your /e/ smartphone now!

How to contribute and support the /e/ project?

We are often asked how to contribute to the /e/ project and we are pleased to answer this question because users’ contributions are key to the success of an ambitious project like ours.

The time is now! There has never been so many questions and comments about user’s data privacy, Google, Apple and alternatives to regain control over data privacy… The timing is great and you can contribute in many ways:

Test /e/OS, report bugs, contribute to patches!

Anyone is really welcome to report issues with /e/OS, and possible solutions. Just make sure you can reproduce the problem, post appropriate context information, possibly some “logs”, and ideally… a solution 🙂

Help others! Join the global community!

We have a growing community of users who are discussing their experience with /e/OS. Join now, you will be able to help others answer common or uncommon questions they have about /e/:

Join /e/ Community Forum
Join the Support Channel

Join discussions, spread the word!

It’s important to share your experience on our forums, tell us about what you like, your frustrations… It helps us to identify improvements for the product and make it a premium mobile ecosystem.

Also, please share the word! Every day, new users discover /e/ and love the project. We need everyone to ensure that as many people as possible learn about the project. We can’t count on mainstream media for this!

So share with friends and your community channels, talk about /e/ on social media, say why you like it!
You can also share what we post on Mastodon and Twitter

Contribute financially

With your help, we can support a growing team of passionate contributors, keep /e/ completely independent and make /e/OS sustainable over time.

Every donation helps the project to pursue additional development, rent servers for compilation and to host your e.email account or the community forum, pay for domain names and other key expenses amongst other things.

If you can afford a recurring donation, become a /e/ Patron!

Otherwise, choose from the different donations options, and get a reward in return!

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