/e/ solutions

/e/ consists in a mobile operating system (OS) and carefully selected applications, together forming a privacy-enabled internal environment for mobile phones. This is also associated to online services, such as a search engine, email and other online tools, storage, to complete the environement.

/e/ mobile phone operating system

Imagine mobile phones running a desirable operating system, at a reasonable cost. Not running Google or any other « data hungry » services.

And at the same time, mobile phone operating systems where personal and corporate users can install and use the mainstream applications of their choice, if they wish so.

That’s what /e/ is going to provide: attractive mobile phone operating systems with better privacy.

Our mobile phone OS roadmap

Is /e/ mobile phone OS available? Yes! A first beta is now available. You can test it on a selection of devices. A full description of this release is available online in this article.

This year we will begin selling the first mobile phones, which will be « post market » phones, i.e. phones that we buy, flash with the /e/ system and sell to customers.

/e/ is also already seeking hardware partners and resellers that would be interested in preloading /e/ for mass-market release.

2018 Roadmap:

  • June 2018: early access to /e/ email for /e/ backers
  • July 2018: early access to /e/ drive for /e/ backers
  • August 2018: /e/ OS beta (MVP) release with several web services (search, app store)
  • September 2018: /e/ OS source code release on /e/ GitLab
  • September 2018: /e/ email and drive open to more users
  • October 2018: smartphones with /e/ OS start shipping to /e/ backers
  • January 2019: smartphones with /e/ OS start selling

Supported devices

At the moment, we’re developing for limited set of devices. You can find the list of supported devices and suggest new models on our Community Forum:

Supported Devices

Try /e/ now!

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Carefully selected Apps

Today, it’s hard to imagine smartphone usage without the Internet.

Your smartphone links with many web services: search, email, drive, online backup, maps etc.

But most of the time, those « free » services are just excuses to capture as much of your personal information as possible.

A more ethical digital ecosystem

Because /e/ is about protecting your digital life privacy, we will make available (as much as possible) existing open source alternatives to those services. Advanced users will even be given the opportunity to self-host those services, if they so wish!

We will also release an alternative application repository where you can find and install most existing applications, without even having to login.

Along with the /e/ smartphone operating system, this will make a consistent, more ethical, and more respectful ecosystem.

Online services

Before the end of this year you will be able to use:

  • search: we won’t track you to sell you ads!
  • mail: a ‘state of the art’ email service, and we won’t scan your contents.
  • drive: a storage place where you can save your data safely.
  • office: a set of online office applications (including word processor, spreadsheet and presentation) that you can use for collaborative work also.
  • application repository: an independent alternative place where you will be able to choose from thousands of applications, including all well-known applications. But not just that! we’re putting in place an original mechanism for users to score applications: their quality, if they are open source or not, if they respect data privacy… The best apps will get an /e/ label!

Update: a first beta is now available! Would you like to test it along with the first /e/ online services? You can download the system here and ask for an online services test account.

/e/ is in the public interest – support us!

/e/’s mission is to provide an open-source mobile operating system and associated web-services that:

  • respect your data privacy
  • that are desirable enough for Mom, Dad and children

Want our mission to succeed?

Want /e/ to become THE main alternative to the mobile OS duopole in place?

Please support us! Contribute, talk about the project, make a donation (and receive a reward)…