Leaving Apple & Google: first /e/ unGoogled smartphones have started to ship!
Did we invent something new?

First smartphones with /e/OS have started to ship

Only 18 months after the /e/ project was announced, the unGoogled Android /e/OS and associated /e/ services is available. It can be installed on 80 different smartphones.

Many users have asked for a “ready and easy to use” smartphone with /e/.
We have found our way, as we are partnering with a large smartphone refurbisher that is sourcing and flashing hi-grade Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S9/S9+ with our system. More than one hundred early customers have now received their /e/OS smartphone, as we have started to ship in the European Union. We are now actively looking for partners in other regions of the world and especially in the US which represents 30% of interested people.

We also understand that user’s data privacy protection values and unGoogling seem to fit well with the values of sustainable development and eco-responsability that are conveyed by refurbished smartphones. This is a unique mix that /e/ users are applauding and the demand for these smartphones is high!

We are doing our best to serve first people who have registered for this smartphone since early May. We expect direct purchases to be open publicly online on early September, but in the meantime you can still register online to have the opportunity to get your hand on an /e/ smartphone as soon as possible.

What are our projects for the next steps?

We have many projects in the pipe. /e/OS is going to improve a lot during the next months, and we will introduce Android Pie support very soon. Also, we will be adding support for Progressive Web Apps in our application repository and we are seeking feedback from users about this.

More details are available in our /e/ Summer update. Read online now!

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