/e/ community

/e/ is a non-profit project, in the public interest.

It’s also open-source, and will benefit a lot from voluntary contributions.

What you contribute to the project adds value to what will be released for free to the world.

In short: we leverage our collective intelligence to build value for all humans.

How can I contribute to /e/?

There are many ways, both direct and indirect, to contribute to /e/:

  • are you a developer? you can contact us and we’ll try to find you a project where you can contribute. Later, you will be able to interact directly with /e/ products through a GitLab. At the moment we’re looking for talented volunteers:
    • a python developer
    • an Android application developer

-> contact us!

  • right now as a developer, you can already contribute to the microG project. microG is a 100% open-source alternative to Google Services and is key for the success of /e/.
  • do you feel confident as a translator? we often need good translators to release content in various languages. You could for instance help this website to be available in your language!
  • are you a writer? we welcome contributions, especially about the our biggest subject: user data privacy.
  • do you like sharing content with your friends, family, and social networks? talk about /e/! Generating more exposure for /e/ and attracting new users is a great way to contribute.
  • not one of these kind of contributors? contribute money! At the moment, /e/ relies 100% on individuals donating. We did a great crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter but you can still donate!

Want to contribute? contact us!

Places to find other /e/ supporters

At the moment, you can find early /e/ communities mostly on Telegram:

Open Source

/e/ is using many open source components, and will release everything as open source code.

At the moment, we’re still in the early stages of development. Therefore, nothing is available publicly yet. As soon as we release working components, we are going to release corresponding source-code on an /e/ GitLab.

The components released first are very likely to be:

  • our default email client (forked from K9-mail)
  • our launcher (developed from scratch)
  • new notification system (developed from scratch)

Stay tuned!