Backdoors in Intel processors

There has been recent strong IT press interest in a major security flaw that was found affecting all Intel processors. “Meldom” and “Spectre” can be exploited to steal user and corporate data on PC and servers running Intel microprocessors. And yes, you are probably affected.

And did you know? Intel processors not only have security flaws: modern Intel processors can spy on your computer by design. They are actually running a separate and “hidden” MINIX operating system that has full access to your hardware and can even access it if the PC power is off. And it runs a web-server. Yes, a web-server. I’m not joking!
Read all the details here: “MINIX: ​Intel’s hidden in-chip operating system

Do you see how central our data is to everything? We need to protect our data at every level, from the hardware we purchase to the web applications we use.